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Avengers: : Endgame is a superhero movie. There is a outline from Marvel Comics about The Avengers created by Marvel Studios. And distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Is the twenty-second movie in the Marvel movie universe The film is the sequel to Avengers: The Great War of the Universe. Which is the sequel to The Avengers and Avengers: The Battle of Altron The film is directed by Anthony and Joe Russo written by Christopher Marcus and Steven McPhee.

The film was announced in October 2014 in the name of Avengers: The Great War of the Universe - Part 2. The Russo brothers took over the role in April 2015 and in May. Marcus and McPhee Signed a contract to write a screenplay Later in July 2016 Marvel changed the title currently not yet named. Which the movie started filming at Squatters Atlanta Studios In August 2017 filmed with the Avengers: Great War of the Universe And finished filming in January 2018. The title of Avengers: Endgame was officially unveiled in a movie trailer published in December 2018.

Avengers: Subdued War is scheduled to be released in Thailand on April 24 2019 first screened in America on the Imax and three-dimensional systems.

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The story proceeds after the Avengers: Great War of the Universe. The end of each story is as follows.

Tony Stark  Iron Man: After the events of the previous season Tony has been defeated by Thanos and loses everyone in the event that Thanosadin clears some half the universe. Tony is unable to return to the world with Tony living in the Guardian's ship with a driving nebula. By Tony recording himself All food and water in the craft And oxygen is running out And Tony said about the pepper before closing the recording Which is saying goodbye to Tony Without help (But example 2 saw that Tony and the nebula were creating something)

Thanos: Thanos uses the power of the Stone Stone Warp to disappear at one of the farm stars without knowing Thanos's fate. Knowing that Thanos is still in Dao Rai By Thanos using his armor as a scarecrow The gloves were heavily damaged.


“Some people move on. But not us.” Watch the brand-new Avengers: Endgame spot that aired during the big game. See the film in theaters April 26.

Thor: Thor has returned to the Avengers team again. And looking for a way to hunt and eliminate Thanos

Dr. Bruce Banner  The Hulk: Bruce is back in the Avengers team as well and Bruce is watching the list of people who die from the flick of the universe. Noss And combine the remaining Avengers team to fight Thanos

Steve Rogers  Captain America: Steve lost the Bucky again and after that Steve returned to the Avengers team again and Steve had to be affected by Steve having a plan. Something prepared


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Natasha Romanov  Black Widow: Natasha has returned to the Avengers team as well along with Steve or Captain America and Natasha looking for Clint Barton. Or her old friend Hawkie who now became Ronin in Japan

Clint Barton  Ronin  Hawkeye: Clint didn't appear because of being watched by the government. Clint then returned to his family. But after Thanos washed the universe And it may be that Clint lost his family And Clint entered the dark side and became Ronin ever since.

James Rupert Roddie Rhodes  Warmachine: Roddie remained the Avengers team as before.


No matter what heppens See a brand new preview for Marvel Studios' #avengersendgame In theaters April 26.

Scott Lang  Ant-Man: Scott didn't appear because of being watched by the government. Scot was trapped in a quantum dimension. After Hank Pim's family dissolved away from the thin half-flushed universe of Thanos. Scots can come out of the quantum dimension without knowing the cause. And met with the Avengers team later And Scott is an important variable in the dictatorship

Rocket Raccoon: After the incident in the previous region Rocket lost his beloved friend and went to live with the Avengers.

Nebula: Living on the Guardian's fleet with Tony Stark


See a new poster for Marvel Studios.

Carol Danvers  Captain Marvel: After receiving a message from Nick Fury her old friend and Carroll came to the base of the Avengers and asked everyone on the remaining team. that Where is Fury? (In the credit period of Captain Marvel)

Avengers: Endgame is a superhero movie

Pepper Potter: After the incident Pepper remains alive and receives Tony's message.

Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.

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