Triple Frontier an action-packed movie that will shake the Netflix throne.-entertainment-bangkok:

It is a good and exciting story of this morning for everyone watching online streaming movies because Netflix is about to release a new original movie box such as Triple Frontier which Soimilk's team had the opportunity to attend. The press conference with the shoulder of leading actor Ben Aflich Charlie Hanam and Garett Headland in Singapore last weekend!

As we have introduced to the list of the three leading actors known as the 'father' of the Hollywood industry it is possible. But the peak is not that much because of the Triple Frontier a big action movie. Did not draw only 3 actors from the front but also brought the father of Oscar Isaac (from Inside Llewyn Davis) and Pedro Pascal (from Game of Thrones and Kingsman). 5 Young men are lined up and goose bumps

Did not know that director Jay C. Chandler and the production director Charles Rovan had to be influenced and how much money To be able to incorporate the stealing of Hollywood in the original movie this story is very united. It also has the strength that it is a giant action movie that Netflix has never been in!


Just seeing the actors from Triple Frontier come together to win. Because this mission focuses on eating hard to taste Which Asian dessert will win their hearts? Are you Thai desserts? Must go and see  But if you want to know what the taste of the movie will be March 13 wait to taste it on the screen.

Which after we talked to the actors and producers of the real sound including Ben Auflich Charlie Hanam Garett Headland and Charles Raven 4 people confirmed with us that we would not be disappointed.

Of course there will be more things than robbing and throwing money back home. Because we created a surprise like the plot twisted prepared for the audience to be dumb. Plus we are also very serious about Marines training. Because we want it to come out in a very realistic way said Ben Aphefle

With that in real life I and Garett We have been together for ten years. And have already worked with Isaac The relationship of the five characters that were paved to be close together like a true brother looks very realistic when we have 5 players together. Another confirmation from Charlie Hanam at this point. What do you say? Brother I believe. Because he was cast through that mustache   Finally Garrett Headland also told the fans of Soimilk and Netflix that the final advantage of this movie Is that you can watch it over and over again Press enough to walk and bake the popcorn. I believe that the action movie fans should be able to repeat many times until it's worth it.

[tube3=Triple Frontier | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix,Fo3yRLLrXQA]Make no mistake this is not a military operation. See Ben Affleck Oscar Isaac Charlie Hunnam Garrett Hedlund and Pedro Pascal attempt to rob one of the world’s most violent cartels in Triple Frontier — on Netflix and in select theaters. Coming this March.[/tube3]

Who wants to join this robbery? Prepare yourself well. Because Ben Affleck would like to lead the team to rob this time With a robbery mission in Triple Frontier Invite friends to start the mission today at Netflix only.

Selling good at this size Saying that this afternoon after Netflix released Triple Frontier they were able to watch each other. Who is still impatient do not hurry to watch. We will be fired from the gang! For those who have not watched the trailer of this movie Can click to see at the bottom but for us to go to the screen wait to see Triple Frontier in front of yourself

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Triple Frontier Trailer

Check out the official Triple Frontier trailer starring Ben Affleck! Let us know what you think in the comments

Triple Frontier | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix



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